Jane Lark's Stories from History 

 Jane Lark's favourite quote from Jane Austen's work comes from Mansfield Park; 


'Fanny, to whom everything was almost as interesting as it was new, attended with unaffected earnestness to all that Mrs Rushworth could relate of the family's former times , its rise and grandeur, regal visits and loyal efforts, delighted to connect anything with history already known, or warm her imagination with scenes of the past.'


Jane's second favourite quote from Jane Austen's work is from Northanger Abbey;


'Her passion for ancient edifice was next in degree to her passion for Henry Tilney - and castles and abbeys made usually the charm of these reveries which his image did not fill. To see and explore either the ramparts and keep of one, or the cloisters of the other had been for many weeks a darling wish.'


Both quotes remind Jane Lark of her own feelings as she explores historic houses and ruins in the United Kingdon and abroad imagining past lives there and finding inspiration, just as Jane Austen drew ideas from her ancestors' home, Stoneleigh Abbey.

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